Principles of Computer Science Daily Lessons

September 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
22 Which function executes first in a Karel JavaScript program?
  1. Return signed syllabi.
  2. Review Karel JavaScript commands.
  3. Do the last problem on the function worksheet. Discuss top down design and program efficiency.
  4. Finish the first 6 lessons in CodeHS ( Clever ) Karel.
  • Develop using top down design.
21 Name a computer language we will learn in this class.
  1. Review the syllabus.Take home and return signed.
  2. Do this function worksheet together.
  3. Complete the start function and top down design with CodeHS ( Clever ) Karel.
  • Develop flexible functions
  • Include all code in functions
20 Why is the CS traveling problem hard to solve?

County Pre-Test

  1. When finished, log in to Office 365 and find the CodeHS page in your Class Notes in the OneNote notebook. Respond to any questions there.
county pretest
19 What is computational thinking?
  1. Summarize the example algorithms and reflect in OneNote class notebook.
 CS: Traveling - Add a screenshot of your best route through South Africa
 Humanities: Words Over Time - Add a screenshot of a comparison of 3 similar terms with your analysis.
 Math: Cellular Automata - Design a pattern that lasts at least 5 clicks. Add a screenshot.
 Science: Genomics
  • Capture examples of algorithms at work.
  • Explain the value of solving complex algorithms

Pretest will be tomorrow

18 How can you earn warm-up points for a day you were absent?
  1. What is computational thinking? How does it apply to different areas?
  2. Explore algorithms and reflect in OneNote class notebook.
  • Define computational thinking
  • Experiment with examples of algorithms.

Pretest will be Wednesday 9/20

14 How can Karel reverse direction?
  1. Consider a logic challenge together. Bebras Challenge. and the Congressional App Challenge,
  2. Log in through CodeHS or Clever and continue work.
  • Apply logic to problem solving
  • Consider challenges
  • Write code for JavaScript .
13 List 2 of the 4 Karel commands
  1. Apple just announced facial recognition and AR on screen for the new Apple phone. What algorithms might be involved?
  2. Look over the Karel Javascript language summary.
  3. Review Make a Tower together.
  4. Log in through CodeHS or Clever
  • Describe algorithms in new technology.
  • Use JavaScript to create repeated commands.
12 Define a recursive procedure.
  1. Join the CodeHS classroom
  2. Do the introduction, quiz and first program.
  3. Discuss features that are the same/different from LightBot to Karel JavaScript.
  • Use JavaScript to call methods to move an object on screen.

Pretest will be Wednesday 9/20

11 What makes a solution efficient?
  1. Define recursion.
  2. Discuss solutions to LightBot loops together 3-1 and 3-3
  3. Solve Lightbot Loops
  • Define recursion
  • Write algorithms to describe recursive solutions
  • Code recursive solutions
8 In what way is a computer literal?
  1. Review problem solving for medal winners
  2. Write pseudocode for Lightbot puzzles. Work through a simple U turn and a zig zag together. Compare solution efficiency
  • Express an algorithm as pseudocode
  • Evaluate solutions for efficiency

Class assemblies today

7 Define algorithm
  1. Solve the problem together about medal winners.
  2. See how many puzzles you can solve in LightBot (on Handout Drive in PCS). Document the concepts and vocabulary that are covered.
  • Apply logic to problem solving.
  • Use symbolic code to control a virtual robot using sequence and functions.

Events today during 2nd(fire drill) and 6th (PRIDE fair)

6 Describe something using a computer that is NOT computer science
  1. Write your first name on your name tent in large print. (Use the name you want to be called: first name or nick name)
  2. Write and decorate your first name on your folder
  3. Design and compare algorithms to create a secure password for any website.
  4. Solve one logic puzzle together, then solve one on your own or with a partner
  • Design a useful algorithm
  • Use logic to step through a solution
5 Define Computer Science in your own words.
  1. Fill out index card with your schedule
  2. Introduction to class presentation
    Save notes for tomorrow.
  3. Oveview of what is covered in Principles of Computer Science
  • Describe basic class structure and rules
  • Describe basic classroom procedures



























Join the CodeHS class.

Work as a row team to draw out the flowchart that decides your morning personality